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System 6000 MKII

Wie der Name sagt ist das TC 6000 ein System welches sich entsprechend des Kundenwunsches konfigurieren lässt. Von Haus aus gibt es zwei verschiedene Systeme, welche REVERB 6000 MKII und MASTERING 6000 MKII heißen. Sie unterscheiden sich durch die installierte Software, wobei jede Maschine durch den Kauf der Lizenzen des anderen Systems upgrade bar ist. Hardwareseitig bestehen beide Systeme aus dem Mainframe, der CPU und der ICON als Remoteeinheit.


Enthaltene Multichannel Algorithmen:

* VSS™ 6.1 If you need to add reverb to an existing 5.1 or 6.1 signal or move sources around

   with a joystick, VSS™ 6.1 Reverb is your algorithm.

* VSS 5.1 Source The VSS™ 5.1 Source algorithm is a true 5.1 room simulator algorithm with

   multi-directional early reflection patterns.

* VSS™ SR With the VSS™ SR (surround) algorithm, you get a unique room simulator for

   matrixed surround production.

* VSS™ M4  Sometimes, multiple mono reverbs can be more useful than pre-configured structures

   for stereo, 5.1, 6.1, etc. With the M4 algorithm, you get access to 4 discrete mono reverbs with

   4 inputs and 4 outputs in one engine.

* Reflector 6 ,  Reflector is an extremely versatile delay and boundary effect for multichannel

   applications. Since it features no less than 6 outputs, it is compatible with a wide variety of audio formats,      

   including 6.1 surround, 5.1 surround, LCR and stereo.

* SpacePan, SpacePan is an 8 input to 5.1 panning algorithm. In essence, it allows you to position or move any              audio source precisely and in real-time in a 5.1 surround sound environment.

REVERB 6000 MKII Included Licenses, Here, you can learn more about the licenses included with Reverb 6000 MKII. Each license holds a number of great sounding algorithms fine-tuned for a wide variety of applications. Apart from the included licenses, you can also purchase additional licenses holding e.g. first grade mastering tools, an EQ designed by George Massenburg, or an ultra precise and versatile loudness meter. Multichannel Reverb License. This license includes everything from the Stereo Reverb license - plus all of our Lt/Rt, Quad Mono, 5.1 and 6.1 reverb and delay algorithms. It also gives you access to SpacePan and every reverb and delay preset in the machine, including the complete Halls of Fame bank and the Skywalker Sound Collection.

Enthaltene stereo Reverb Algorithmen:

* VSS™ 4HD, The VSS™ 4HD is a highly advanced stereo reverb capable of treating your program material with             source related reflections from multiple angle.

* VSS™ 3, We designed the VSS™ 3 algorithm with a wide variety of applications ranging from music and post to          film production in mind. The objective is a "true-to-life" sound that allows you to mimic environments sounding as     natural as possible.

* DVR-2, With the stunning DVR-2 algorithm, you will get a pristine Generic Reverb that has a true vintage flavor to it.

* NonLin-2, NonLin offers controllable envelope, attack, hold and release parameters. Therefore, you will be able to generate compact vocal ambience, dramatic eighties drum and percussion sounds, reverse reverb or completely new and twisted effects with this algorithm.

* Reflector-LCR, Reflector is an extremely versatile delay and boundary effect. The output configurations are optimized for LCR, stereo or mono production, and with highly advanced features such as individual EQ and multiple layers of diffusion, you can cross the border between ambience, early reflections, reverb and delay-effects.

* VariPitch, We designed the VariPitch algorithm with high quality pitch change, chorus and double tracking effects in mind. You can use it on monophonic as well as polyphonic material with dual mono or stereo input.

*  M5000 algorithm like Phaser, Reverb-2, Reverb-3, Chorus, CORE-2, Delay1 und Delay2.





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