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VoiceQ für ADR und Taker

Geniale Erweiterungen und Lösungen für QuickTime

Besonders interessant sind die Produkte:

Virtual VTR

macht den MAC zum digitalen Videorecorder von DV, SD, HD - was auch immer die Capture Karte hergibt.

Mit VirtualVTR

verhält sich der Mac wie eine MAZ. Es ist möglich, von externen TC Quellen oder auch via RS422 9pin den MAC wie einen Videorecorder zu steuern. Von der Audio Synchronabteilung, der Multimonitor Messeinstallation, dem DVD Encoding bis hin zu Telecine Aufzeichnungen, kann die Software sehr flexibel genutzt werden. Es gibt eine Standard und eine PRO Version.Die PRO Version kann zusätzlich Video Inserts, MPEG2 Files wiedergeben, GPI ausgeben usw.


• Open any QuickTime Movie and playback in sync or under external control. For non-standard codecs and high performance, a Quicktime video card is required. See list of common quicktime hardware. With a modern Dual CPU G4 macine and OSX, VirtualVTR can also be used without any dedicated Video hardware, playing back almost all codecs with software decompression, displaying picture on a VGA output, or via a video card with NTSC/PAL output from a desktop workspace.

• Control video playback using Midi (Midi TimeCode for sync, Midi Machine control for jog/shuttle/locate), 9-pin, USB Jog Shuttle Wheel, or Keyboard Controls, individually or all simultaneously.

• High performance video playback, supporting all formats including PAL, NTSC, 720p, 1080i, 1080i, 24 FPS, uncompressed etc. Also supports all QuickTime codecs, including DV, Motion JPEG, MPEG, even web formats like Sorenson Video.

• Instant Locate to any part of the video, with 9-pin, MMC, mouse or manually entering timecode value.

• Ultra smooth jog / frame bump / scrub with external control or USB controller

Zusätzliche Funktionen

VirtualVTR Pro is the 'feature enhanced' version of Gallery's VirtualVTR software. In addition to all the features of VirtualVTR standard, VirtualVTR Pro has the 'additional features':-

• Graphical Overlay architecture adds Timecode / Feet and Frame burns, plus programmable Punches and Streamers for ADR and Foley recording.

• Sophisticated programmable GPI sequence for Foley / ADR.

• Generates beeps for ADR and Foley recording.

• Performs real time Pan and Scan for resizing video formats, eg playing HD picture via a pan and scan SD output.

• Interfaces with MCS3 and Shuttle Pro controllers as a complete Foley recording control synchronizer, handling Video, streamers, GPIs, beeps and control of Audio deck (eg Pro Tools or Nuendo).

• Includes MediaMunger for Conversion of OMF Video files into QuickTime for VirtualVTR.

• Direct Import of non-movie files, eg MPEG2, AVI, DV Stream, automatically creating reference movie to house timecode track.

• Additional direct-video out capability for mismatching codecs, by translating via graphics overlay buffer. Ensures that *ANY* quicktime-compatible codec can be output via video cards like DeckLink and Igniter.

• Supports Odetics protocols for clip access

• Supports transport control from a remote web browser

• VirtualVTR Pro's Streamer can emulate a variety of common hardware video streamers, or can be triggered via GPI, so you can use VirtualVTR Pro with existing foley or ADR control systems.

• VirtualVTR Pro can also generate MTC (midi timecode)

• Many other high end functions for professionals.

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